Quick Marketing Tips for Dentists

Juggling your marketing as well as keeping up with your practice and your patients can be difficult and overwhelming for a dental office. Many dentists don’t realize the significant importance of their marketing, but with higher levels of competition these days, proper marketing is one of the most important things for your practice to engage in to survive and thrive. Dental marketing is specific to the industry, and if you want to be successful, there a few things that you need to practice. So, let’s talk about some quick marketing tips for dentists…

#1 Get involved with the community

There are multiple ways that you can get involved with the community. Forming relationships with people outside of the physical office can really draw people into your business. They will remember you and think of you next time they think about going to the dentist. You can do this by sponsoring events, attending them and passing out branded merchandise or samples, by setting up a booth at events, but overall just create brand awareness. Also, don’t forget the power of advertising at nearby places as well. 

#2 Utilize the powers of blogs

Blogs are great for creating and strengthening your online footprint. Not only will having a blog on your website up your name, increase your SEO, and site visits, but it will also up your credentials. Blogs help to get your name out there online, spread awareness of your brand, and inform people of your expertise and credibility as a dental practice. It gives you the opportunity to offer your patients more than just dental services, but also to offer them valuable and interesting information that they can use in their everyday lives.

#3 Practice SEO

SEO is super important for big cities, such as Dallas, where the competition is high. You want to make sure that when people are searching for a dental practice near them, that you are appearing high up on their search results page. Make sure your website has SEO worthy content that is high in quality. The intelligent Google algorithms will pick up on this high-quality content and it will up your rankings on their search engine. Also, don’t forget PPC advertising (Pay Per Click advertising) as well, as this can be highly beneficial for your practice’s growth. If you aren’t sure how to engage in these strategic marketing tactics, you will want to consider hiring a dental PPC agency in Dallas.

#4 Offer discounts for holidays or create contests

A great way to draw customers into your practice is by offering discounts and rewards for engaging with you. This will also give patients a reason to pick you over the competition. Utilize holidays to offer special discounts, or create contests for people to engage in to win a discounted service, etc. Use social media to advertise these discounts or contests, this will increase engagement which will also improve your online footprint as well as bring people into your practice. 

#5 Patient recall

Patient recall is so important for a dental practice. Remind your patients of their appointments, as well as remind them of when it is time to schedule a follow-up or bi-annual cleaning. Use email, SMS, phone calls, and Facebook to do your patient recall.

When it comes to choosing a dental marketing agency in Dallas, you want someone that you can trust. You want to hire an agency with a high level of expertise that will go the extra mile to customize your marketing plan to fit your needs and desires. Here at Dental Critic, we can be just that for you and your practice. Contact us today, and let’s get started in growing your practice to a new level of success.


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