Are your phone calls turning into patients?

What many dental practices don’t realize, is the importance of the quality of phone calls that goes out from their offices. It is extremely important that employees answering the phones know how to speak to patients and potential patients, or it could lead to them choosing another dental office to go to. To understand the reality of this, consider the statistic that 20 to 30% of potential patients end up lost in the initial phone call made to your office. Even if your team of employees are absolutely fantastic, it is just as important that they be trained properly to be able to promote your practice to the patient or potential patient making the call.

One thing to remember here is how immensely important first impressions are, and many of times, these first impressions are made in the first few seconds of that initial phone call to your practice. The employee that this person speaks to will be subconsciously shaping their views of your practice and deciding how they feel about going there themselves. Don’t take these words into mind with panic, but rest assured knowing that there are a few simple tricks to ensure that your staff members are prepared to properly handle a phone call with a patient and attract them into your practice.

Keep things quick

Unfortunately, people are busy, impatient, and don’t like to be kept waiting or on the phone for too long. This means that you need to make sure you are speedy on the phone, this means in terms of putting them on hold or calling them back. There are several studies that show the highly positive difference it makes in getting back to your patients quickly. Potential patients whose phone calls are returned within the first ten minutes are over 50% more likely to be converted into patients. Leaving them waiting typically results in them calling other practices and going to the one that is most speedy and efficient in giving them what they want.

Be patient and respectfully persistent

Even if a patient doesn’t immediately make the decision to book within that first phone call to the practice, not all hope is lost. The best thing you can do in this situation is to follow up. Not only does this make things easier for the potential patient in scheduling the appointment, but it shows them that you care, and that is a huge plus for your practice to patient relationship.

Utilize their information for future marketing endeavors

Another part of following up can be implemented via other marketing tactics. Use this phone call as an opportunity to get the potential patients information and use that information in the future. What we mean specifically, is to try and get the potential patients email address. Listen to what majority of the patients’ needs and wants are and use those needs and wants to create and design email campaigns that cater to those patients. When it comes to dental marketing in Dallas, it is very important to work all of your tactics and strategies together to meet and achieve specific marketing goals.

These are just a few of the very important tactics to be implemented via phone marketing to your patients and potential patients. There are a lot more things to be learned if you want to successfully market and grow your practice. Here at Dental Critic, as an expert dental marketing agency in Dallas, we know exactly what it takes to get your practice’s name out there and attract more patients. Contact us today and let us help to show you what your practice is capable of.

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