Social Media Marketing for Dentists

When most dentists hear the term “social media”, chances are they cringe and feel like retreating inward. This is why Dental Critic offers comprehensive social media marketing for dentists. We know that you have more pressing matters than building a Facebook or Twitter presence, which is where we come in. It is critical in today’s tech-driven society that all businesses have a strong social media presence, and this includes dentists. When you choose to work with Dental Critic, you won’t have to worry about creating profiles on the various social media platforms, or posting content and bringing in followers. Our social media marketing experts will do all of this for you, working to target people in certain areas in order to gain exposure and build brand awareness at the same time.

The Dental Critic team will take over your social media accounts, posting intelligent and relevant content that will make people want to choose you as their dentist. We understand what types of posts work best to encourage loyalty and turn potential patients into long-term patients. We will work with you to see how you want to present yourself on social media, coming up with the right persona for your specific goals and needs. Once we have this dialed in, we will even do the posting for you! Social media is an effective tool for creating conversations with your patients, improving your search engine ranking, and helping people gain a better understanding of who you are and why they should choose you to be their dentist.

Our Social Media Marketing Services


We offer a range of online marketing and social media services, all of which are designed to enhance your brand’s follower engagement and boost your conversion rates. We will use social media to present your dental clinic in a more personable – yet professional and trustworthy – light. We know what it takes to make sure that, at first glance, a potential patient recognizes your brand and feels loyal to you. The Dental Critic team believes in working closely with each and every one of our dental clients, developing a strategic and customized social media plan that will help you bring in followers, and in turn patients. Some of the social media marketing services that we offer include:

  • Design and customize a Facebook business page
  • Design and customize a Google+ business page
  • Custom Twitter page
  • Customer YouTube channel
    • This is a great platform to show off some of your techniques and technology
  • Integrated website blog
  • Email newsletters
  • Paid advertising on social media sites
  • Social media posting and monitoring of posts
  • Fan and follower campaigns
  • Social media account setup and optimization
  • Video scripting

Why Social Media?

We are often asked by dentists the why behind a social media marketing campaign. For starters, social media can show how people are making decisions when it comes to what businesses they choose to give their loyalty to. Many people also use social media to ask a business questions or to gain insight about their services, rather than calling the dental clinic. Finally, Google research indicates that more than 50% of all internet activity is driven through social media, which is huge.