Reputation Management for Dentists

According to recent statistics from BrightLocal, 88% of all patients consult online reviews before choosing a dentist. This is huge and provides invaluable insight on how patients are looking for and selecting a dentist. With this number in mind, it is easy to see why it is so important for your dental clinic to properly manage your online reputation. By having a good understanding of what people are saying about you online, you will be able to control your reputation and, in turn, get more patients. People are far more willing to give their opinion about a particular business (or anything, really) these days thanks to the anonymity the internet provides. By investing in reputation management services for your dental clinic, you can ensure your brand is being represented in the best possible light.

Online reputation management works to monitor what potential patients will see when they search for your practice. While word of mouth is often used to bring in patients, the majority of people these days take to the internet to search for services such as a local dentist. In fact, 62% of patients turn to online search engines to find a dentist. They also rely on reviews on Yelp, Google+, Angie’s List, and patient testimonials on your website itself. One bad review can can create a domino effect, dramatically impacting how many new patients you bring in. This is why it is important to have the means to control all your listings from one place, which is something Dental Critic can help you with.

Dental Critic uses Reputation-Critic to collect and monitor patient reviews, automatically. This innovative Practice Management System makes it a simple and straightforward way for us to manage negative reviews, in particular, ensuring your online dental deputation is positive. Reviews matters, and just one negative comment from a patient could completely ruin your reputation, making it difficult to draw in new patients and grow your practice.

Why Reputation Management Matters

With the help of Reputation-Critic, the entire online review collection process is automated. This means there is no extra work on your end to access and go over any new patient reviews, our system will do it for you. Another benefit of this program is that it allows us to ask patients for a review of their experience via in-moment SMS and email requests. This means that we are able to reach out to patients when their experience is fresh in their mind, which is a far more effective strategy than others. This system automatically directs patients to crucial sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, allowing them to give their review right then and there. Furthermore, we are able to customize all text messages and emails to keep your brand identity consistent. People want personalization.

Patients are more inclined to give their service to a dentist that interacts with them and has a successful track record. This is why they consult online reviews for first hand reviews. By taking the time to learn what people are saying about you online – and respond to them – you will automatically increase your chances of drawing in new patients. Reputation-Critic’s system allows you to respond to all feedback from one place, receive negative feedback directly through private channels, and address patient issues before they turn into a bigger problem.

Your dental clinic relies on its reputation in order to grow and bring in new patients. This is the number one reason why reputation management is such a critical component to your practice. To learn more about Dental Critic’s DFW reputation management services for dentists, please do not hesitate to contact us today.