8 social media tips and tricks to increase your following

If you are actively utilizing strategic digital marketing and building or growing your online footprint, then you likely are engaging in social media marketing as well. Social media marketing is usually the first place people start out when developing and implementing their digital marketing plans. Now one may think “oh, it’s social media”, this will be easy as pie… but unfortunately, many people end up in way over their heads when they try and successfully manage [and grow] their social media marketing themselves. There are a lot of tips and tricks involved when it comes to the proper execution and successfully growing your practice via social media.

When it comes to Dallas dental social media marketing, obviously one of the main goals you will have with your practice’s platforms will be gaining a decent following. So, let’s talk about some social media tips and tricks to help increase your following…

#1 Establish a theme

Whenever you use a particular social media platform, it is really important to establish and keep a consistent theme going. People and consumers are very attracted to themed pages that won’t give them any surprises. For example, on Instagram, keep things clean and simple, and use similar colors that make the aesthetics of your page stand out. This quickly catches people’s attention and draws them in to check out what you’re offering.

#2 Follow people who are like-minded within your industry

It’s in the name, a social network, therefore, you should be networking. Follow and find people who you know are interested in what you are offering. Find people with similar likes and ideas and wants and needs, and engage with them by liking their photos and posts or following/friending them.

#3 Share consistently and frequently

It’s important to be very active on your social media accounts. This not only presents the opportunity for more people to see your stuff (posts), but it also has to do with the algorithms on various social media platforms. Staying active makes your profile seem important so you will find that your page and posts will get a bit of an ‘organic’ boost.

#4 Remember the importance of high-quality content

Having and posting high-quality content is one of the most important things to remember when you are using social media. People are very turned off by low-quality content and immediately have a feeling of distrust for a business or doubts of the legitimacy of a brand when they see it. This means images and text. Keep your audience interested by educating them and impressing them by the quality of your posts.

#5 Lighten things up and remember to keep your followers entertained

Whilst keeping your audience educated remember they are also there to be entertained. Remember to throw in a bit of humor here and there and to keep things light. Developing your online personality is extremely important for your brand as well, and this falls right alongside entertaining your audience.

#6 Try adding a bit of inspiration to the mix

A lot of people follow accounts that inspire them. It’s not a bad idea to throw in some inspiration every now and then to motivate your followers.

#7 Get exclusive (contests, discounts, giveaways, etc.)

Another great way to get people excited about your social media accounts is to offer them exclusive deals just for being there. Throw in a contest or a discount special to get people active on your account. For example, you could offer couple’s teeth whitening discounts for valentine’s day!

#8 Be responsive as well as focus on increasing engagement

Remember to be there for your followers. If they message you or comment on your page, make sure to show them that they are worth a response.

Many dental practices are turning to the experts for their social media needs. Having a dental marketing agency in Dallas on your side can really help you grow your practice. Here at Dental Critic, we know exactly what it takes to help you get to where you want to be. Contact us today, so we can work to keep you and your practice smiling.

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