Why a landing page is important to your PPC campaign

So, what is a landing page anyways? Your landing page is the page that your viewers are led to when clicking a particular link employed in your PPC campaign (pay per click campaign). It is the homestead for the navigating process from the link, to the clicking, to you. Having a good landing page is of utmost importance. It needs to be highly attractive to your viewers, as it is going to be one of their first impressions of you and your dental practice. What do we mean by highly attractive? We mean, well-designed, relevant, unique, simple, and attention grabbing. You want the theme and content to be relevantly tied in with you and your practice and what your practice does and stands for, but you also need to find a way to stand out amongst your competitors. Frankly, there is no exact formula for creating the perfect landing page, however, in the full PPC equation, it is one of the most important factors. Putting together the perfect landing page for your practice can be a bit overwhelming, which is why so many dentists are turning to a Dallas PPC agency, but in the meantime, we’ll discuss the basics of creating a great landing page.

Let the people know why they are there…

Headlines are typically one of the first things that a viewer’s eye will “land” on. They are meant to stand out. It is for these reasons that you need to have great headlines. It is important to verbalize your headlines in a way that draws in the viewer. It should gain their interest, while also giving them the idea of what they are there for. It should be simple, clear and concise, and leave them wanting more. Remember to keep things consistent, and to keep them relevant. On another note, when we say to keep things consistent we mean everything. From your fonts, to your theme, to your colors, images, content, etc., consistency is key. These characteristics consist of the easiest and simplest ways for them to quickly understand what they are there for as well as what they think of you. It’s important that you and your reader are on the same page [pun intended]; meaning, let them know what they are there for, keep things simple, and keep things interesting.

Tell them what it’s all about…

For your viewer to further understand what it’s all about, they will look to the textual content of your landing page. People want to get to the point, and they typically aren’t patient enough to seek out what they are looking for; they want things to come easily to them. So, what is our point? Our point, is that you should stick to the point. Keep your textual content relevant, intriguing, and straightforward. Too lengthy of a landing page combined with large amounts of text are overwhelming to a viewer and can easily scare them away.

Try and remember the ‘Z’ pattern… Our eyes tend to follow information based on the pattern of a Z. From top left to right, down to bottom left, to right. Also, remember to keep the most important and attention-grabbing messages at the top above the fold. Many viewers don’t even make it past this point without losing interest or straying away. And while we are on the subject of words… Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words… Trying and keep things very visually positive. People like visuals. Use high quality images that help convey the messages you are trying to get across.

Lead them where they need to go…

This refers to having a strong call to action. This is also relative to having a very easily navigable page, which is of extreme importance. But getting to the point… You need to suggest to the visitor a strong hint as to what they should do next after they have made it as far as the landing page… Whether it is to make an appointment or sign up for a newsletter, gently guide them in the right direction.

When it comes to PPC, Dallas dentists are turning to agencies who specialize in perfecting campaigns alongside their landing pages. If you are in need of assistance with your PPC campaign, here at Dental Critic, our innovative team of digital marketing experts can help. Contact us today, and let us show you what your practice is capable of.

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