Is your dental practice active on Facebook?

Social media is a great way for practices to engage with their current and potential patients. And of them all, Facebook can be one of the most helpful tools, and that goes for all businesses. Not only is it a way for your current consumers or patients to keep up with you and/or communicate and engage with you, it’s a great opportunity for you to represent your brand for how you want those consumers or patients to see you. But the best part is truly the opportunities that it presents in the aspect of gaining new consumers or patients.

Many people in the dental industry make the mistake of thinking that social media marketing for dentists isn’t necessary, but it can truly be one of your strongest aspects for drawing in potential patient traffic. The truth is undeniable, we live in a digital world. Most everything as we know it has evolved in a technologically relevant manner, and to properly and successfully participate in the marketing world today, it’s necessary to be digitally involved.

And if you do have a Facebook page, it’s important to not just let it sit there. Get involved! Utilize your Facebook page to remind your patients that you’re there, as well as spread the word about your practice. Make sure you are highly responsive, as well as that you are using your page to communicate with your current and potential patients why they should choose you rather than one of your competitors.

Let’s talk a bit more about the why’s and how’s of ensuring that your practices Facebook page is active…


I think we can agree that a patient is not going to go to a dentist they don’t trust… So how can we let others know that we are a trustworthy practice? Well, one way is Facebook. Encourage your current patients to engage with your page; to like it, to “check-in” when they come in for an appointment, and to leave comments or reviews. These days… people don’t trust what the practice has to say about how wonderful they are as much they will trust the opinion of a fellow person who has experienced it themselves.


Facebook is a great platform for geo-targeted advertising… and why is that important for a dental practice? Well, because you are trying to draw in patients that are in your area… not another state. With Facebook’s geo-targeted advertising capabilities, you will be able to promote your practice to the relevant target audience, which are the people in your neighborhood.

While these are the main positive aspects of utilizing your Facebook page, there are plenty more advantages to be considered. If you are looking in Dallas for dental social media marketing help, look no further. Here at Dental Critic, we are an innovative team of digital marketing experts that are eager to help you succeed. Contact us today, and let us help show you what your practice is capable of!

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