5 Dental marketing trends to look out for in 2018

Marketing has truly changed as we know it. There used to be somewhat basic strategies, and a simple amount of variations of those strategies to follow, and as a business, you would be set. But now, things have changed. As functioning and thriving in today’s market requires keeping up and then getting ahead, it is extremely important to follow the marketing trends, and to try and be one step ahead of your competitors. Especially now, as we have moved into a highly digitally dependent era, marketing has truly changed and evolved as we know it.

So, what makes things different now that digital marketing is the focus? Well, a lot. For one, there are a multitude of platforms to use when you promote your business and marketing campaigns. And new platforms are arising all the time. There is a whole lot more room for customization, target marketing, creativity, and widespread or localized marketing tactics to be put into place. In fact, there is so much room for these things, that many practices turn to a Dallas dental marketing agency to help them out… But, in any case, the number one thing to remember here? Technology is ever changing… The digital world is constantly adapting and updating and evolving, which means you need to be on your tippy toes and ready to jump on board the digital marketing trend train whenever it trucks on by…

So, let’s discuss 5 dental marketing trends to look out for in 2018…

#1 LinkedIn is on the rise

LinkedIn has really grown in popularity and usage rates in the past couple years… And as the app and social network continues to grow and update, it is becoming more and more useful for businesses everywhere. As we note that LinkedIn is on the rise, it looks like Twitter may be falling behind. After a failed attempt to bring people back to the network by upping the character count for Tweets, it looks like the social network may be fizzling out.

#2 AI is spreading its wings

With the exciting research and development going into various AI [artificial intelligence] software, it looks like digital marketers may have a new player on their team. Adobe has predicted that machines will soon have the capability to analyze various campaigns and strategic marketing decisions based on their success or failure in the market, and either push or drop the campaigns.

#3 The influencer trend isn’t stopping

Influencers as brand ambassadors, became a huge thing in the past couple years, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping. This type of digital marketing strategy has done well and seems to only be climbing in popularity and success.

#4 Ad-blocking technology is multiplying

Many more people each day are adopting ad-blocking software on their computers and/or browsers, and it looks like it’s going to continue to spread. It is predicted that a 100 million people in the U.S will use ad-blockers in the year 2020, which is 44 million more than last year, 2016.

#5 Privacy protection technology adaptation

Privacy protection technologies are adapting just as quickly as the rest of it. This means that data collection permissions could be affected and changed as well, which will largely affect digital marketing strategies everywhere.

When it comes to digital marketing…with all the options, platforms, changes, etc., many practices are convinced that it’s best to leave it to the experts. As more than just a Dallas PPC agency, Dental Critic can do it all. Our passionate and innovative digital marketing experts are up to date with the trends and know exactly what your dental practice needs to survive and thrive. Contact us today, and let’s get started.

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