Does your dental website have these 5 important things?

In this digital day and age that we live in, having an online presence of utmost importance. And not just having an online presence, but having a good online presence. Most people function online, everything we do has transformed into some form of digital. Whether it’s our work, our school, our shopping, our being social, our personal assistant (Siri), to even our grocery shopping, we have found a way to make it happen digitally. Many dentists are guilty of making the mistake of thinking that having an online presence isn’t important for them, when it is actually quite the opposite. Most people now-a-days search and find their doctors online, via Google, or on some sort of review site. You want to have an online presence so that people in your area are finding you first on their search results page. But, it takes a lot more than just “being there,” to get to that level of online success. In any case, one of the first places that you should start, is with your own dental website.

So, let’s talk more about your dental website… Does it have these 5 important things?

#1 A well-designed homepage

Typically, your homepage is going to be your landing page for when people search for “dentists in my area,” on Google, and it is the page that most people will find their way back to. It’s important that this page is extremely well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure to include your USP (unique selling proposition) somewhere on this page as well… As in, let the people know what makes you different or better than your competing dental practices. Dental web design in Dallas can be surprisingly competitive, so it’s important to stand out. Remember to keep this page, clean, simple, relevant, and easy to navigate.

#2 An ‘about us’ page

When designing a website, a lot of people and businesses make the rookie error of forgetting to include an ‘about us’ page. This is typically one of the second pages that users will look for and go to when browsing your website. Don’t forget that just because you know you, doesn’t mean everyone else knows you. Utilize this page to tell them a bit about who you are as a practice, why you are special, and just a little hint as to why they should go to you for their dental needs.

#3 Available procedures

After a user has made the step to figure out a little bit about you, they may now be considering you as a dental option. It is likely that the next thing they are going to do is to try and find out as to whether or not you offer a specific procedure they may be in need of. Whether it’s your policy on normal annual dental checkups, or special whitening treatments they have heard of, they are going to be curious. In this case, it’s important to have a page available to them where they can browse through the various procedures that you offer. Give them the information they need right there. Many people don’t want to take the time to try and search harder for the information they need, so it’s important to give it to them right then and there.

#4 Testimonials

The problem in today’s marketing world, is that many consumers have a difficult time trusting the actual businesses. Instead, they want to hear about it from other consumers, that is where they feel they can get the most trusted opinions and information about a business. Make sure to include a page with customer testimonials. Keep in mind that people are a bit lazy sometimes, and they love visuals and pictures. So also include before and after photos in this section of your website. 

#5 Contact page

It is another highly common mistake that businesses make, to not include a contact page. Many times, people or businesses will include information as for how to contact them at the very bottom of their site, or somewhere else, where the consumer has to work hard to find it. The problem here, is that you don’t ever want to make your consumer work hard to find information. Make sure you include a clear-to-see tab for your contact page, and that it contains updated information as to how they can call you, fax you, email you, and physically get to you.

We know things can get a bit overwhelming in the digital arena, and this is why so many dental practices are turning to a Dallas web development agency. If you need help with your digital marketing needs, here at Dental Critic we can help. Contact our team of digital experts today, and let us show you what your practice is capable of.

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