Does my dental website need to have a blog?

If you take a walk outside your door, it won’t take you long to realize that we have all become pretty reliant on technology. Our world has very quickly emerged into quite a digitally dependent place, so the question is, what does that mean for you and your practice? One of the mistakes that many dentists are making, is thinking that it doesn’t mean anything for them, that the digital era that surrounds us isn’t pertinent to the success of their dental practice; and that’s where you can gain strength in competitive ranking by ensuring you are up-to-date with the digital marketing trends that are so necessary to grow one’s business.

Even if you are one of the dental practices that has jumped on board the ‘digital train’, even if you have accepted and adopted the necessary digital marketing strategies, one of the tools that you may have looked past is blogging. As a dental practice you may think, well what on earth would I blog about? How would this help me grow my business? It’s all about the big picture, and the big pictures is that everything in the digital world is connected. Business marketing is no longer a linear progression, but a connecting web, with many paths, that joins so many aspects together, that generates links that all connect to develop and evolve this cyber world we are all so immersed in.

So, to put it simply, yes, your dental website should have a blog. If we take a look at SEO (search engine optimization) – which is one of our most important digital marketing strategies to be utilized, especially as a dental practice – blogging and SEO have a pretty close relationship. By blogging, keyword usage, and high-quality content, you are likely to up your rankings on various search engines.

So, what are some more of the benefits of blogging?
  • Simply put, it shows your website visitors (patients or potential patients) that you care.
  • It gives you an opportunity to provide your visitors with quality information or news, it’s a chance to educate your visitors
  • It brings in higher traffic rates to your website
  • It attracts new patients and gives them security in your dental brand


What you should blog about?

This is where it gets exciting, this is really an opportunity for you to talk about what you know. This is an opportunity for you to tell your patients or potential patients about you and what you do. You can use this space to communicate with your website visitors, and as a lot of us know, communication is key. You should obviously focus your content on dentistry, but there are many directions you can take your blog, the content of your blog, and the tone of your blog.
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