Is PPC Right for Your Dental Practice?

Maybe you have realized that it is time your dental practice hopped on board the PPC train. In other words, maybe it is time for your dental practice to invest in Pay Per Click advertising. Even if you have a very well-known and established dental practice, word of mouth advertising can only get you so far. Most people, when they move to a new place, or are just in search of a new dentist, will turn to the web to search out and review their options for local dentist offices. Because mostly everyone turns to the internet for the majority of their information these days, it’s safe to say that having an online presence is extremely important, regardless of what market you’re in.

Unfortunately, digital marketing typically turns out to be much more complicated than one may have realized before jumping in; and with the levels of competition in the DFW area, many dental practices are looking for a Dallas dental marketing agency for help. When your practice engages in SEM (search engine marketing), there are various digital marketing strategies that can be implemented, but one of the quickest and efficient of the bunch, is PPC. With so many people heading to Google’s search engine to find what they’re looking for, it’s extremely important that your practice shows up in their results. And by the use of a pay per click advertising campaign, you can achieve higher status for your practice when it comes to search rankings.

According to a study purchased by Google and Ipsos MediaCT, four of five consumers prefer customized search ads around localization. This is good news for a dental practice as relevance to your location is extremely important for a potential patient. It means that ads that are based on or targeted to a service area have more potential to have successful results.

We won’t get too ahead of ourselves, so for now, here are a few reasons why we think PPC is right for your dental practice…



One of the most important aspects of PPC, is that it can help you compete against other dental practices in your area. PPC can give ultimate visibility and bring in higher levels of traffic by giving you a higher ranking than other offices in the paid region of the search engine results.

Getting your name out there…

By having good SEO along with doing PPC, you can boost your brand awareness. When your name is seen online, stronger association to the brand is created when the consumer either sees your name again online, or comes across it offline.

Quick and in control…

PPC is one of the digital marketing strategies that is a bit quicker than other methods. After initiating the process, the PPC ads will show up immediately. Not only are things quicker this way, but you can be in control by making sure your USP (unique selling proposition) is recognized by means of the right AdWords, and by being able to set a limit for your budget.

These are just a few of the reasons why PPC can help promote your dental practice, but if you are curious to know more about how this type of campaign can grow your business, you may be looking for a PPC agency in Dallas. Here at Dental Critic, we are a team of innovative experts that are eager to help you discover your dental practice’s potential. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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