How to create the best landing page for your dental PPC campaign

Having a great landing page is extremely important. You want it to be of uttermost attractiveness to your viewers. This means well-designed, unique, relevant, and attention grabbing. This page is the first page that your viewers will see of you, therefore, it will be one of the first impressions that they have about you and your practice.  You want your page’s particular aesthetics and incorporated themes to be understood to be in line with your dental practice, but the best thing you can do is find an attractive way to stand out.  There is no exact formula that can be used to develop the perfect dental practice landing page, but when it comes to your PPC campaign, you must remember how important it is in the equation. We will try and keep it underwhelming, but remember, you can always turn to a dental PPC agency in Dallas if things get too tough. Let’s go over some really great tips to keep in mind when you’re putting together the landing page for your campaign.

What am I here for? …Headlines

The headline will most likely be the first words your viewer will read, so you should make it count. You need to ‘verbalize’ your headline in a fashion that will draw them in. The headline needs to gain their interest, leave them wanting more, and give them an idea of what they are there for. If you do add a secondary headline, keep it relevant. Have it there as complementary information to your opening statement (main headline). And don’t forget to keep things consistent. This goes for the text & font, the theme, the colors, the images, etc., these are the first things that your viewer is going to take in, and these aspects consist of the easiest and simplest way for them to get an idea as to what they are there for as well as what they think of you. It’s important that you and your reader are on the same page [pun intended]; meaning, let them know what they are there for, keep things simple, and keep things interesting.

What are you talking about? …Text

Let’s talk about the textual content of your landing page. First things first, keep it simple and easy to navigate. Let’s admit it, humans are cognitively lazy [psychologists say so!], and they want to be able to get to the point without having to read a novel of useless or confusing text. So, try and keep things simple, relevant, and to the point. Too lengthy of a landing page and large amounts of text are overwhelming to a viewer and can easily scare them away. Try and remember the ‘Z’ pattern… Our eyes tend to follow information based on the pattern of a Z. From top left to right, down to bottom left, to right.

Extra tip: When you are developing the textual content for your page, don’t forget to exemplify impeccable grammar. A viewer will make an immediate negative judgment of your brand if they think you were too lazy to even proof read your landing page.

What do I do next? … A strong call to action

We have mentioned how important navigation is, and this also includes your call-to-action. You need to give the viewer a strong hint as to what they should do next… Whether it is to make an appointment or sign up for a newsletter, gently let them know.

A picture is worth a thousand words… Images

 High quality. You would think this would be an obvious one, but many businesses and practice fail to use high quality images. And we promise you, you will be judged for it. People like pictures, symbols, they like to be able to easily understand, and visual aspects help with that. Compliment your textual content by helping your viewers with a visual.

Do what you’re told… Keep it above the fold

 What exactly is the fold you ask? It’s the section of the landing page [the top] that appears when the viewer first arrives without a viewer having to scroll down. And it is one of the most important parts of the page. Make sure to put the stuff you want to be seen, and the most relevant content here – the things you want them to know first. But don’t get too crazy stuffing it all in this one spot, no one likes clutter.

We know it can be overwhelming, but it is a necessity these days to invest in proper digital marketing tactics. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by implementing new digital marketing strategies, then you might be in need of a digital marketing agency for dentists. Here at Dental Critic, we can help. Head over to our contact page and say hello. We look forward to helping you grow the success of your business.

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