Why patient reviews are important to your dental practice

The best way to improve a business is to understand where your weaknesses and problems are coming from. Many times, we lose sight of what the customer really wants. Being biased to our own company/business, can lead to loss of a clear perception in what the customer’s expectations truly are. Unfortunately, so many times, practices and business are unaware of their true weaknesses, and there is a gap in knowledge as to what they think their patients/customers want; but it’s important to build the strength of your practice by opening your mind and trying to understand things from the perception of your patient.

One of the most useful tools for understanding where and what can be improved at your practice, is by getting it directly from your patients. No, none of us really like to receive criticism, but it is a necessity for running a practice. Learning where your patients are coming from, why they have specific needs, what those needs are, what could make your practice better than other practices, can only significantly benefit you. Encourage your patients to give you feedback and reviews, accept their criticisms without any defensiveness on your mind, and use their words to help build a stronger practice. People pay a ton of money trying to figure out how to improve their business, gain more patients, and grow their practice, they spend time and money on research trying to identify the problems, but hearing it straight from your patient, is free!

The latest market research is all starting to point to one thing… The consumer. The customer. The patient. That is where your focus should be. After all, without them, where would your business be? As a dental practice, building trust is a huge factor of importance, and one of the ways you can do that is by showing empathy to your patients that you care about their needs, wants, and expectations.

Many times, the problem that lies in the obtaining of feedback, is that patients only want to give it anonymously, and they don’t have a way to do so. This is where you need to utilize your practice’s website. The world we live is now all digital. So, it is extremely important that your website is up-to-date, easy to navigate, and useful for your viewers. One of the ways to increase its usage, is to add an anonymous review area. You will probably want to make this so that it goes straight to you and is not publicly displayed on the site, [if you are worried about any negative reviews], but make sure the user is aware of the anonymity of the form.

We know the digital world can be a bit overwhelming, but we also know how important it is that you get on board and stay up-to-date with new technological innovations, etc. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you may be searching for a dentist marketing agency in Dallas. If so, here at Dental Critic we are excited to help. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us today, and together, let’s take the next step for the improvement and growth of your dental practice!

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